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Basic $18
• This service includes nail shaping, cuticle care, hand and arm massage, hot towel wrapped, and polish of your choice.
Venetian $40
• We will customise your service with a luxury sense of the sugar scrub to take away all the dry skin on your arm and hand, continue with a smooth lotion with paraffin with hot stone to finish. And all the cuticles take care of, nail shape and regular of your choice.
• Your hand and arms not feeling the same after this manicure.
Shellac/Gel Manicure $40
• Manicure with shellac/gel color on the top of real nail, stay on 2 weeks, dry instant, high gloss shine and easy to remove.


The Venetian (35 minutes) $76
• 10 mins seasalt, 14 mins lotion, 8 mins hot stone
• While sipping a sparkling glass of champagne or an iced cocktail. You can choose any scent of our pedicure to personalize your experience. The moisturizing soufflé mask works deeply to repair damaged skin and restore moisture. The relaxing lotion massage is therapeutic to dry, thirsty skin, the oil and hot stone are massaged into the legs and foot muscles to loosen tight knots or tension from the long day. Paraffin wax treatment helps to restore lost moisture lost throughout the week. The perfect remedy to a bad day or even a long the week. Way to treat yourself!!!!!
Pearl Spa pedicure (25 minutes) $66
• 9 mins seasalt,6 mins hot stone, 10 mins lotion
• Pearl powder is a beauty and health secret used for 1000's of years in Asia. Authentic pearl powder contains 31% calcium and 56% protein as well as an assortment of amino acids. This is believed by many, to be good for healthy bones and promoting luscious skin. This treatment includes toe nail shaping and cuticles care, callus is buffer away to reveal baby-soft skin. Warm paraffin wax is wrapped around the feet to moisturize deeply. To finish, legs and feet indulge in a relaxing massage. Look at the glow!!!
Champagne & Rose Pedicure (25 minutes) $66
• 9 mins seasalt, 6 mins hot stone, 10 mins lotion
• Delight your lower legs and feet with a divine fall harvest treatment, enriched with a good soak. This treatment includes toenail and cuticle care, callus smoothing, and warm paraffin wax, and is finished with a relaxing lotion massage. Enjoy with a glass of wine or a cold cocktail for a full experience!!!
Honey & Milk Pedicure (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot stone, 8 mins lotion
• To start, your feet are soaked in a moisturizing warm milk bath. Our honey sugar scrub with real honey will smooth and buff the dead skin away, revealing new healthy skin. Honey butter is massaged deep into your legs and feet for maximum moisturizing. Feet are then wrapped in warm paraffin wax to help skin retain moisture, leaving them soft and rejuvenated. Your feet have never felt better!!!
Organic Spa Pedicure (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot sone, 8 mins lotion
• First, you will soak your feet in a silky warm water bath of organic senses. Then, we will slough away dry skin with organic scrub, and wrap your legs in the organic mask. Finally, we apply an organic buttercream to your lower legs and feet followed by a good massage and paraffin deep into your legs. Your tired feet will be transformed into happy feet
Tropical Paradise pedicure (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot stone, 8 mins lotion
• Transport your feet to a tropical paradise. After toenail shaping and cuticle care, we will massage our exotic sugar scrub deep into your lower legs and feet to exfoliate your skin and stimulate blood circulation. Next, warm paraffin wax is wrapped around your feet, leaving every inch hydrated, then the hot stone massage, to finish feet and legs are massaged with lotion, leaving you so relaxed you will feel like you are on a vacation
Lemon Drop Pedicure (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot stone, 8 mins lotion
• This pedicure includes nail shaping, cuticle care and calluses treatment- ment than the citrus seasalt to exfoliate and renew your lower legs and feet. A relaxing mark is applied, followed by a foot and leg massage with a smooth lotion and paraffin dip. You will feel the difference in your skin after this treatment.
The ROGK Pedicure For Men (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot stone, 8 mins lotion
• We will soak your feet in a bath of coffee sense, which will stimulate circulation,your nail will be shape, cuticle care, the exfoliate with take away all the dry skin. A moist chocolate soufflé mask will then apply and covered with warm towels, To finish, legs and feet include in a relaxing massage and paraffin wax is applied to feet to look in mois- ture. Your feet never felt better
Fruitty Pedicure (23 minutes) $58
• 8 mins seasalt, 7 mins hot stone, 8 mins lotion
• Feet are pampered in fruity soak to increase blood circulation. After soaking, mango scrub is massaged into the legs and feet to exfoliate all the dead skin away, mango marks and butter lotion deep to hydrate and detoxify the skin, your legs and feet will feel the difference right after and the sense of fruit will last it, leaving you so relaxed you will feel like you on the a very healthy fruit choice.
The Pomegranate Pedicure (23 Minutes) $58
• 6 mins seasalt, 10 mins lotion, 7 mins hot stone
• Indulge and nourish your feet with pomegranate fig sea salt scrub loaded with nutrient-rich vitamins and anti-aging oxidants, then melt away a warm foot wrap to further soothe and soften your skin. Finally, you will be treated to a soothing foot and lower leg massage and paraffin deep.
Mojito Cucumber Or Greentea (20 minutes) $56
• 6 mins seasalt, 8 mins lotion, 6 mins hot stone
• Feet are pampered in a moisturizing cucumber soak to increase blood circulation. After soaring cucumber scrub is massaged into the legs and feet to exfoliate all the dead skin away, a cucumber clay mask with French green clay containing amino acids & vitamins E works deep to hydrate and detoxify the skin, a relaxed cucumber lotion and hot towels with take all your tired away, warm paraffin finish will leave your feet a nice and smooth.
Deluxe (13 minutes) $46
• We exfoliate your legs with sugar scrub delivery. Sugar granules stimulated blood circulation and softened the skin, leaving your feet fresh and rejuvenated, nail shaping and cuticle care are included, smoothing callus finish with warm towels and paraffin wax wrapped and given a relaxing lotion massage.
Spa (13 minutes) $41
• 4 mins seasalt, 9 mins lotion
• This treatment is included nail shaping, cuticle care, warm bath soak, exfoliation, lotion massage, and warm hot towels to finish.
Basic (8 minutes) $32
• Short in time or just need a quick refresh?
• This basic pedicure includes foot soak, toenail and cuticles care, and hot scented towels wrapped with lotion to finish with the polish of your choice.
Nail Enhancement

Nail Enhancement

Full set solar $45
Artificial nail with regular nail polish.
Full set white tip/American tip $50
Clear/ pink powder on white/ American tip.
Refill solar $40
Full set pink & white $60
Using pink powder & white powder.
Refill pink & white $50
Full set color powder $55
Using color powder on the whole nail
Refill color powder $45
Full set with shellac/gel $55
Artificial with shellac/gel color on the top of nail
Refill with shellac $45
SNS or Nextgen nails $45 - $50
For a healthy and organic nail system, use Calcium powder with vitamins to grow your weak nail it is for those who are tired of fake nails or shellac/gel or nails not growing, the last 3 weeks.
Full set Ombré $65
Full set white tip and American tip $50
Polish Change Toe with Gel $30
Polish Change Toe with Nail $30
Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash Extensions

Individuals full set $130
Refill $85
Flares full set $45 & Up
Strips Lashes $20
Lash Tint $35
Browns Tint $35
Please feel free to ask for services. Thank you for your business
Waxing & Facial Services

Waxing & Facial Services

European Facial (30 minutes) $40
European Facial (1 hour) $60
The perfect place to begin! This treatment begins with an in-depth analysis of the skin, which will target any problem areas & indicate the most effective analyzed, your esthetician will follow with a deep pore cleansing, gentle exfoliation facial massage, and a mask that is appropriate to your skin type.
Eyebrow $12
Upper Lip $8
Chin $8
Sideburns $12
Neck $10
Full Face $40
Under Arms $30
Half Arms $40
Full Arms $50
Half Legs $50
Full Legs $70
Bikini Line $45
Brazilian $60 & Up
Back Wax $60
Ear Candling $45
Back Treatment Massage (1 hour) $65
First, your back will be cleansed and exfoliated. Then you will enjoy a store massage and pressure point press, which will release blood strain on your muscles and your whole body. A face massage will release wrinkles, plus a massage for your hands, shoulders, and feet to increase circulation. After the circulation, we close with a moisturizer that will give you smooth skin.
Back Treatment (30 minutes) $45